Friday, 6 April 2012

The Pitch

Squirrel and I agreed that he would handle concept and technical, I would handle biz dev, competitor analysis and marketing.

We both tuned out of the meeting as we started building the pitch. I checked out the competition, there was a zen app that had a whole load of controls and settings - not very relaxing if you ask me! I used the Paper iPad app to mock up a white screen (it's a great app, check it out).

We pitched, it's a bit of a blur:

We did a demo of the screen, Squirrel explained the concept, I destroyed the competition (it's not like anyone knew about any other zen apps!) We even went into later iterations of the product.

Then it started, the feedback. 

Compose the future (see below) predicted that this app had a 99% chance of success. The crowdpoll that was taken also showed very good support.

At the end of the pitch, Squirrel and I shook on it - We were now committed to making it a reality.

Watch this space...

Both squirrel and I would like to apologise to the following pitches that we either missed out on because we were planning the pitch, or after we pitched, because we were planning the product:

A cool bank, coming soon:
Compose the future -
Social look -
WikiCV - The forward facing CV (@mrchrisellis)
TankTopTV - @LizRice - Ivars Indriks

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