Sunday, 8 April 2012

Following the shake...

In the Q&A after the pitch, someone mentioned Shed Simove ( and his book "What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex" and how well it had done - we were inspired.

Squirrel got out his laptop and started looking at domains. was taken, but we got and also for added irony.

My brain was firing in all sorts of directions with the marketing and where we could go with the product, different iterations and future updates with new features.  I was also tasked with finding an iOS developer to get the MVP app off the ground.  The guys @silicondrinkabout retweeted my request and we had someone potentially lined up, he liked the idea too.

After readng the Apple guidelines, we decided the product might not pass due to it's minimalism, so we considered adding some sounds.  We decided the sound of waves was calming (and admittedly clich├ęd).  I took a quick look at copyright free sound clips to use and found that there was a huge choice.

Meanwhile Squirrel was busy hacking some HTML to get the website up and running (with minimal white space only).  He succeeded in a white site that said "Enter Zen" - when you clicked, it disappeared - simple.

The other pitches passed by and the meeting was over. Squirrel and I continued to discuss and develop ideas. The clock was ticking though, we both had trains to catch, I quickly took a photo for posterity before I left:

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