Monday 30 April 2012

Two MacBook Airs and a Squirrel...

I needed a new laptop.  I've never used a Mac before, but decided it was time to go for it.  The apple store in Covent Garden obliged by relieving me (my credit card) of an inordinate amount of money for a MacBook Air. Unfortunately, during the 15 minute set up, the poor Apple chap accidentally scratched it, so they had to swap it out for another one (as of course Apple would!).  They didn't seem to want to offer me two for the price of one though, shame.

This purchase was slightly accelerated (but not by much) by issues that Squirrel was having with submitting The Zen App on an old MacBook Pro.  I met up with Squirrel that evening, with the new (unscratched) Mac and he did what was needed to get us back on track.

The Zen app is now ready to launch.  A basic version at least.

If we sell to anyone 'external' I'll be delighted.  If we sell enough, then we have a product roadmap to take an app that essentially does nothing to the next level.

We now have all the tools we need and have a weekend hack planned soon to get it submitted and work on the first update.

watch this space...

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